Goran and Frank
Goran and Frank - 20 min. video
Goran and Frank are two friends who spend the Sunday afternoon outdoors They picked a quiet place for a nude picknick. Frank walks through the grass naked smelling the summer flowers and playing with his pierced nipples. Meanwhile Goran prepares a water melon and as Frank returns, he offers him a slice of the juicy fruit. Not before long they start playing with the ...

Lorenzo - 12 min. video
Lorenzo invites you to come to his home where he has a big suprise waiting for you. The tour starts in the bathroom where Lorenzo greets you half naked. Follow him in the bedroom ... when suddenly he drops his underwear and unveils a whopping 10 inch long and fat cock. That is a true monster cock Lorenzo has. He strokes his cock to full size and plays with himself ...

David and Juri
David and Juri - 20 min. video
David and Juri are flatmates. Juri takes a shower with the door open as the thinks he has the flat all for himself today - when suddenly David comes back home. David sees Juri naked in the shower and gets all horny. He undresses and flexes his muscles in front of the mirror and starts to jerk his cock. Now Juri has finished his shower and sees David posing. Juri walks over and...
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