Josef and Roland
Josef and Roland - 20 min. video
Josef and Roland are a hot muscle couple. They return home with a big envelope that they received in the mail. Roland opens the envelope and finds a T-Shirt. Joseph asks Roland to try it on. Turns out it fits his muscled body perfectly. Joseph can't take his hands off Roland and starts to undress him and to worship his rock hard muscle body. Both studs get all excited and...

Hans Hoffmann
Hans Hoffmann - 20 min. video
Hans Hoffmann as you havenĀ“t seen before: Watch this powerfull Musclehunk posing nude, defenceless handcuffed with a mask, bounded under the shower.
Hans performed a great muscle worship in front of our camera und shows us his great muscular and strong body.

Daniel and Frank
Daniel and Frank - 21 min. video
Daniel and Frank are two sprayers always looking for new adventures. They find an abandoned factory, look for a clean wall and whip out their spray cans. Frank decides to to tease Daniel and sprays all over his fresh artwork. Daniel is not amused and runs after Frank to give him a good spank. Frank slips and pulls his ankle. So Daniel eases Franks pain instead and soon they ...
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